Famous Grand National Moments

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Famous Grand National is one of the most exciting & famous races among the racing pundits.

 1- Red Rum’s victory

 Red Rum is one of the greatest horses of all time. He won an incredible three Grand Nationals, becoming the only horse in history to achieve this feat. The legendary horse claimed his first Grand National in 1973, beating Austrian chaser Crisp.

Famous Grand National Moment

He came close to winning a Grand National in 1979 but fell at the third fence. He was killed by an unknown gunman the following year. Red Rum’s legacy lives on, however; with many Grand Nationals winners being partly descended from him. His grandson, Amberleigh House finished fourth in this year’s Grand National and is one of the favourites for next year’s Grand National (which will be run next month).

The Grand National of 1977 was arguably the most famous Grand National of all time, with Red Rum beating Crisp by 3.5 lengths in what became known as one of the greatest Grand Nationals ever.  Red Rum won his third Grand National in 1983, aged 12 years old. He beat a horse called Amberleigh House by twelve lengths

2- AP McCoy

 AP McCoy is one of the greatest jockeys in the world. He won many prestigious races in his career but the Grand National always eluded him. However, that changed in 2010.

People who knew AP McCoy never thought he would become such a great jockey.  He suffered from acromegaly, which is an uncommon condition that affects many body parts including the face and hands (AP McCoy 2008). He was not expected to live past twenty-five years of age (AP McCoy 2007), but he defied all odds and lived till fifty.

AP McCoy’s career is truly remarkable because AP McCoy was born with spina bifida. AP McCoy did not allow his disability to hold him back and AP McCoy fought through it all. AP McCoy overcame the odds and became one of the most successful jockeys in history (AP McCoy 2010).

3- Foinavon

My content: Foinavon’s chances for the 1967 Grand National looked doomed as he was the slowest of all and was given odds of 100/1. However, his chances for the title dramatically improved after a strange incident.

Foinavon was leading the race when Tealight tripped Foinavon while running up the final hill. Foinavon fell over and rolled down the hill, but got back on his feet quickly after he landed. Foinavon eventually won the title by a length which is still one of the narrowest victories in Grand National history.

4- Aldaniti

The story of Aldaniti and Bob Champion is greatly inspiring. Aldaniti suffered a serious injury during his career while Champion was diagnosed with cancer. However, both recovered and went on to win the biggest prize in horse racing.

Aldaniti was a racehorse who ran in the early 1980s. He was well-known for being an extremely talented jumper and had many fans you could say were ‘fanatical’. One day during competition, however, he suffered a fall when his back legs gave way underneath him which resulted in several breaks. Aldaniti survived this terrible accident but was never able to return to top form. His owner decided it would be best if Aldaniti retired so he could live out the rest of his life in peace away from the competition.

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